Shane Global Has Moved...

...but we still have all the English classes you need.

Shane Global has a qualified, professional team with decades of experience between them and all of them are ready to help you if you have a question. This provides an academic, cultural and social experience that students will never forget. We offer good value quality English courses to give you great opportunities. You can advance your education. You can be more successful in Business. You can travel globally. You can make friends and get a better understanding of people around the world. Our mission is to share our experience and ensure that our students benefit from all that learning English can offer them. In a global world we want you to feel that we are meeting your needs as an individual ensuring you get the results you need to give you a Ticket to the World. A truly international, immersive experience learning the very thing that brings us all together: language.

I stayed in Hastings for 6 months. Shane Global is my second home. Here I met friends that I will never forget. We had great moments. We went out and met new people. This helped me improve my English very quickly. It’s amazing how English has allowed me to communicate with people from all over the world. My teachers and school staff helped me with everything. My host family made me welcome. I’ll go back to Colombia with great memories and I hope to come back. I miss Shane Global!

Viviana – Colombia